I Don’t Know What to Write

Neurological issues, no driving, COVID-19, trump absurdistration. It’s enough to put you off your day.

Neurological issues consist of memory loss, blanking on words when speaking, and inability to do things as well as I used to. Normal aging or dementia? I really don’t want to know.

No driving is the loss of independence, although I’m ok with that. Luckily, my husband is a willing chauffeur who is always willing to drive my Miss Daisy. It also means I don’t leave the house except for doctor appointments. Many appointments are done by FaceTime nowadays, which I love. I only need to make sure I have on a clean top and to comb my hair. I do all my shopping on line and have groceries delivered.

COVID-19 is tied to not driving in that I was social distancing all along. It hasn’t been much of a change for me. I miss seeing my kids and grandkids. The grands are growing up so fast and hate that I’m not there to see it. But, they are the only ones I really miss. I spend a lot of time sparring with the science deniers, COVID-19 is a hoax believers, and anti-maskers on Facebook. I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, but I still point out to them that being reckless is causing the continued lockdowns.

Now to the trump absurdistration. I am in despair over the fate of America. The bungled COVID-19 reaction, seeming decent into fascism, and criminality of the president are just a few issues I worry about. I am in despair that trump will be elected again, which in my opinion will lead to the country’s final destruction. I am in despair over what might be in store for the lives if my grandkids. I’m glad I’m old and most likely won’t see it.

Well, it seems I figured out what to write.


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